Lux and Roses provides a wide range of services and accommodates a vast variety of hair types and clientele. We are always on top of new trends and treatments and bring years of experience to ensure that you are always happy when you leave. We are ready to listen to your vision and needs to give you exactly what you want and if you’re not sure, we can work with you to figure out your perfect style. Lux and Roses has a casual, sociable atmosphere that makes your visit laid-back and stress-free. Our first priority is meeting clients’ needs so that they can enjoy their time at the salon and feel confident in their new look.

Machele Kortum

Machele has loved doing hair for over 20 years. She was inspired to be a hair dresser at an early age as she grew up helping out in her aunt’s salon. Her career started when she was 17 and blossomed when she started working at a salon on South Street in Philly. She learned everything she knows working on South Street for 8 years, thanks to her expansive clientele coming to the city from all walks of life. Later, while bartending, she and a fellow bartender decided to open their own salon, Le Bomb Chele. While working at Le Bomb Chele, Machele also freelanced doing hair for musicians at all of the Philly concert venues. After starting a family and leaving the city, she continued doing hair out of her home, until her business grew so much that it was time to open up a new salon in Ridley Park.


From Parlour Beauty! Kelley will be available for waxing and lash/brow tinting. Contact us to make an appointment with Kelley.